Canada Visa Debit Poker Sites

888 Poker is just one of the many sites that will allow transactions with a Visa Debit card. Canada Visa debit card online poker sites accept transactions using debit cards issued by Visa Incorporated. In contrast to Visa credit cards, which use money that the cardholder does not actually have, Visa debit cards are issued for online poker players that hold a checking account or online payment account with a bank or financial company. In the same way as electronic checks, a Visa debit card deposit to a Canadian poker site grants the poker site the power to extract the funds that you promise from your account and place it in their own. As you already have the funds, you are not expected to pay them back in the future and they are simply deducted from your balance.

Have a Visa Debit card? Do you want to know how to use it? Here is the information that you need.

  • Learn about why you should use your Visa Debit for poker deposits
  • How to make deposits with your Visa Debit card
  • And the possible fees for using this deposit method
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Using Visa Debit Online

Canadians typically do not pay a fee for making a deposit using Visa Debit.

Visa Inc. does not control the money that you use to deposit at Canadian online poker sites. Your money is typically being held by your bank or payment company until you decide to use it. One of the reasons, however, that debit card transactions are processed so quickly is that Visa or your bank can check that you have the available funds and pay the online poker site themselves until they have the opportunity to extract the funds from your account. This is also the reason that your Visa debit card deposits to Canada debit card poker sites might not immediately appear on your online financial statement.

Why Use Visa For Online Poker?

Some advantages of using a Visa Debit card at Canada online poker sites include:

  • Instant processing times for all transactions.
  • No deposit fees on Visa Debit card deposits.
  • Low minimum deposit limits on Visa Debit card transactions.

Canadian Visa Poker Options

When depositing at a Canada Visa debit online poker site, the information that you provide is essentially the same as with a Visa credit card transaction. In addition to your name as it appears on the card and the amount that you wish to deposit, you must provide the 16 digit card number on the front of the card, the expiration date and the security code. All of this information must be provided regardless of whether you have the physical card in your possession. Of course, this makes it very important that you protect your card and your financial information when making online payments. Although Canada debit card poker sites are safe, other transactions might endanger your payment information.

Most Visa debit cards are provided by banks outside of Canada. In fact, there are currently no financial companies in Canada that issue the Visa Debit brand - although it is available to Canadians and advertised there. For this reason, most Canadians that use Visa Debit to deposit at Canadian online poker sites accepting debit cards do so because they hold an account at a bank or payment company located outside of the country. Although Canadians typically do not pay a fee for making a deposit using Visa Debit at a Canadian online poker sites that accept Visa Debit, the poker site itself is charge a fee for each transaction - the reason why they enforce minimum deposit limits. This fee is typically around C$0.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like VISA credit card, VISA debit isn’t about the company VISA Inc. This is about your bank account, more precisely your checking account and the funds available there. Be sure to read our Visa credit card FAQ also before answering your questions about one of the most common payment methods on the web, the VISA debit card.

Does Visa Debit allow poker site payments?

Again, this is not about VISA, it’s about your bank, whether it will allow you to make transactions with a poker site or not. VISA Inc. provides your bank payment products that the institution can use to offer various financial services including the easy access to your checking account. As long as your bank doesn’t have any problems with the online gambling market, you should be fine.

Is it accepted at many sites?

Not all of them but there are still a few. You’ll probably have more options than the notorious VISA credit card. And if you are curious about the best poker sites that accept VISA debit, check our Canadian-targeted offers.

Is it safe to use?

A big YES. And if the VISA credit card numbers haven’t convinced you just yet, this should do the trick: 60.7% debit card market share in the US, 47 years of history in the making in Canada, over 8.500 global employees and a total revenue of over USD 10 billion (according to the 2012 data).

Will I have to pay any fees?

When you deposit, you won’t. At least you won't from your bank's end. The poker site however might charge you for each VISA transaction, typically around half of a Canadian Dollar. On the other hand, the withdrawals are more often than not subject to small fees but nothing that can hurt you that much.

Are debit cards a preferred payment option?

There are indeed. And it’s not only because there are safe and popular worldwide but also because you can use the debit cards to fund your third-party payment accounts. Yes, we’re talking about the ewallets. With ewallets, you won’t have to worry about certain problems that may arise when using VISA directly (think of possible rejections and so on). Not to mention much more playing options and a multitude of poker tables to choose from.

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