Canadian eCheck Poker Sites

eCheck online poker sites are web sites that accept electronic checks as a viable online payment option - usually for deposits. There is no eCheck company. Rather, eChecks are electronic transactions that you perform by transferring an amount of money from your bank to the bank of the Canadian poker site. Electronic checks work just like normal checks in that they must be written from a checking account, not a savings account. While some banks will cover overdrafts from your checking account by using funds in your savings account, this is not permitted when eChecks are written to Canadian online poker sites. If you have insufficient funds, your eCheck will not be accepted. If you are looking for a site that accepts eCheck transactions, then you might want to give 888 Poker a try.

Are you having trouble finding online games that take checks? Here is all of the information that you need.

  • Information on how to use eChecks online
  • All of your options when using checks
  • Answers to the most important and frequently asked questions
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Using eChecks Online

It’s not only a safe option but THE safest option on the web.

Echeck Poker Sites Canada - One of the reasons that many Canadians use eChecks to fund their online poker site account is that eChecks are protected by the same legal structure that protects paper checks. This means that, should someone attempt to write an eCheck using your account without your permission, they are guilty of check fraud and will be pursued and prosecuted aggressively. Canada Online Poker Sites Accepting Echecks - However, this also means that you must be very careful that you do not write an eCheck without having the appropriate funds available. If you do so, you can be charged with a similar crime to that of writing checks for funds that you know you do not have.

Options For Poker Deposits

Many Canadians use eChecks to make deposits at Canada eCheck online poker sites for a variety of reasons. Some of these advantages include:

  • eChecks are not known for being rejected at Canada online poker sites.
  • eChecks cannot be used to access further funds in your account and are among the safest payment options online.
  • Provided that you have the funds available, eChecks are processed instantly as deposits.

Canadian eCheck Poker Choices

Poker Sites Echecks Canada - Unlike other Canadian online poker site payment options, eChecks require some advance preparation. Before using an eCheck, you will need to visit the Cashier section of your Canadian online poker site and gather the necessary information provided there. This information is what you will need to provide your bank with in order to determine the destination of the Canada eChecks funds. Canada eCheck poker sites can be secured by either visiting your bank or logging onto your online banking account. When you visit your bank or log on to your online bank page, you simply provide this information and the amount that you wish to transfer.

The bank teller will then verify that you have sufficient funds in your bank account and create the eCheck for one of the online poker sites accepting echecks Canada. You will receive a receipt from the teller when the eCheck has been sent. Poker Sites Accepting Echecks Canada - In addition, the Canada eCheck poker site online will also send you an email receipt when they have received the funds. By the time you receive the receipt, the funds will have been deposited in your account. The added security of eChecks does, however, require a small fee to be paid by Canadian poker players using this deposit option, usually no more than 1.5%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are E-Check?

eCheck is not a company nor a site. eCheck is an electronic check, a very similar transaction to the traditional paper check. So eCheck is basically a very secure transaction that can help you fund your poker site cashier through your checking (NOT SAVINGS) account.

How does it work?

This is the tricky part as you have to be very careful when using eChecks. First of all, you have to read very carefully all there is to know about your favourite poker site and all the Cashier information available because you’ll need it when you tell your bank about the destination of your money. After you have provided the required information including the amount transferred, your bank will issue the eCheck. This piece of digital paper is necessary for the poker site to accept your transfer. Upon receiving the eCheck, the poker site will release your funds instantly although it may take up to 3 or 4 days for the online room to actually receive the money.

Are they accepted in Canada?

Yes, eChecks are accepted in Canada so you can build a poker bankroll without the need of creating useless third-parties accounts. Just be careful when you use them and ONLY transfer funds from your checking account NOT savings account. Also check your available funds before using this payment method because writing checks (even if they are electronic) for the money you don’t own can get you in serious trouble.

What poker sites accept E-Check?

From the largest to the smallest traffic-wise, eChecks are highly regarded by all poker sites. They are a popular payment option in North America that’s why most of the poker sites have it. Who would want to miss out such a sizeable market after all?

Is it a safe option?

It’s not only a safe option, but THE safest option on the web. Remember, they are very similar to the traditional checks. They are legally protected meaning whenever someone tries to issue an eCheck using your bank account without your permission, a crime is committed and that someone could be charged with fraud.

How do I transfer my winnings?

You may also choose Instant eChecks for withdrawals depending on what options your favourite poker site gives you. Like always, be very careful and provide the correct information. Better be safe than sorry.

What fees are involved?

You will have to pay for all this security eventually that’s why, when depositing, eChecks usually involve some kind of a fee. It’s not big, somewhere around 1.5% or lower but it’s something you need to keep an eye on if you want to use this method.

How do they compare with similar options?

Compared with some other payment options like ewallets and UseMyBank, the deposits using eChecks aren’t free of charge but you can’t get any safer than this in Canada. Not to mention that poker sites rarely if ever refuse such options. And if you continue to use eChecks correctly, you won’t have to share your personal information with any third parties. Just you, the bank and your poker site.

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