Canadian Visa Poker Sites

Visa is a group of financial investors that extends credit to cardholders who wish to make a deposit at a Canadian online poker site, among other purchases. It is a common misconception that Visa Inc. issues credit cards. However, it is much more accurate to state that Visa extends credit to financial properties like banks and payment methods who then offer cards to their customers. Visa is among the world's largest financial companies with the capability to process more than 600,000 transactions each minute. Most Canadian poker sites will accept Visa, but 888 Poker is one of the best and most reliable.

Want to pay with your Visa? Check out what we have found for you here.

  • Why Visa is so popular in Canada
  • The key advantages of using this deposit method
  • How to use this payment option in your favourite poker sites
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Using Canadian Visas Online

Canadians do not have to have their physical card present to deposit at an online poker site accepting Visa credit cards.

Although the Visa brand did not appear until much later, most financial experts point to the California based Bank of America credit granting program as the beginning of Visa, launched in 1958. When the first poker sites appeared on the Internet, Canadians found that Visa credit cards were among the first allowable payment options on these web sites. Canada Visa Online Poker Sites process more Visa credit card transactions than any other payment option online.

Why Use Visa For Online Poker?

There are several key advantages of using a Visa credit card at Canada Visa online poker sites. These advantages include:

  • No fees on Canadian Visa poker site deposits.
  • Instant processing for all Visa credit card deposits.
  • No outside funding source such as an electronic wallet or payment voucher.
  • Often permitted as a Canadian poker site withdrawal method.

Depositing At Candian Sites

When you make a deposit at a Canada Visa online poker site, you must provide some of the information on your physical Visa card in order for the transaction to be processed. In this way, Canadians do not have to have their physical card present to deposit at an online poker site accepting Visa credit cards. First required is the 16 digit series of numbers on the front of the card. You will also need to enter the 4 to 6 digit expiration date printed below the card number. VISA credit card poker sites often require a final piece of information to verify that you are the owner of the physical Canadian Visa card. The security code found on the card is entered to both verify and track the transaction.

One of the security features on a Visa card allows Canadians to process transactions easily but often prevents Visa credit card deposits by Americans at VISA credit card poker sites. As most Visa credit cards are issued by banks, they control the transactions allowed with the cards - not Visa Inc. Many banks choose to block transactions to Canada Visa online poker sites that accept Visa credit cards. This tracking number anonymously assigns a code to each type of transaction and prevents transactions to some types from being processed. This is typically not an issue for residents of Canada. If the transaction is approved at a Canada Visa online poker site, it is normally credited instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

So you have a VISA credit card and you’re not sure if you can use it to fund your poker bankroll. You read about ewallets and other similar payment options but you don’t actually trust them just yet. Well, you’re in the right place then because below you will find everything there is to know about VISA and poker, the most common questions as well as the most-researched answers.

Does Visa allow use at online poker sites?

This is more or less the wrong question. Yes, VISA was one of the first payment methods the poker sites allowed in the early stage of the online poker boom. But you probably know that the US citizens who play in the online regulated markets for examples can’t quite use this option. This is not because VISA blocks them. VISA doesn’t block anybody - actually VISA Inc. is a provider for the banks with no power to set rates, fees or extend credits. This is controlled by the banks so be prepared to encounter problems when using this payment method. Why? There are Canadian banks that don’t want anything to do with the online gambling market.

What sites accept Visa?

Don’t throw your hopes out of the windows just yet. Yes, there are some poker sites that don’t allow Canadians to use VISA but luckily, there are still many options available for you. Just check our list of poker sites accepting VISA and try any one of them.

Is it safe to use?

Of course and you probably know it. That’s why you want to use this payment option in the first place. All we can tell you to assure you about the safety of your money is this: 1.7 billion cardholders worldwide, 62 billion transactions per year (VISA + MasterCard) and 1,971 transactions per second (VISA + MasterCard).

Are fees involved during transactions?

Any deposit you make is free of charge and done in a blink of an eye. You just click submit and the poker bankroll is at your disposal. When you withdraw however, you will be charged just like with any other payment options. Also, don’t forget about the currency conversion tax for the cases when your poker bankroll is not C$-based.

How does it compare with other credit cards?

There are no differences between VISA credit cards and MasterCard for example. The same fees apply for the MasterCard credit card. The perspective changes when you compare VISA with other payment methods though. With VISA there is no need for making third-party accounts as the fees are smaller. The extra step that you see with the common ewallets is finally eliminated.

Am I better off using a third party payment service?

Well, it depends. If you want to have more playing options and you don’t want any problems when depositing or withdrawing, then you are actually better off using an electronic wallet. But if you don’t want to give your personal information to any third-party company and you would want to be as safe as possible, then VISA is actually a better option.

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