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Using your iPhone to access online poker sites puts you in a position that most players couldn't even dream of a few years ago. Now, you can play in poker sites iPhone providers anytime that dead time appears in your day. That means more fun, more practice, and more profits than ever before! With ever-smarter smart phones, high-speed wireless connections (from Bell, Telus and Rodgers, among others), and state of the art iPhone app options, you couldn't pick a better time to get in the game from Canada!

Play online poker like never before using the state-of-the-art iPhone poker apps and don’t miss any opportunity to cash in big. Our list of iPhone poker apps includes the best options for Canadian poker players, including fan favourites like 888 Poker.

Play online poker like never before using the state-of-the-art iPhone poker apps and don’t miss any opportunity to cash in big.

  • Play more, win more.
  • Access your desktop remotely using iTap.
  • All major poker sites are compatible with iPhone.
  • The best advice is right here.
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iPhone Poker - Pros and Cons

It's easy to use and it opens a lot of doors for real money mobile poker iPhone players in Canada!

First of all, although mobile Hold'em apps on the iPhone probably represent the future of the game, don't fall into the trap of thinking that smartphone gambling is without its fair share of drawbacks. The smaller screen, slightly slower internet connections, and generally slower hardware will limit some of your options. For example, you can probably forget about multi-table action and card tracking software when you're playing with real money poker sites on your iPhone. Luckily, Canadian players like you can seamlessly switch between your iPhone and your full-sized computer with the same player account to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Although the rules are changing, Apple generally has a strict anti-gambling policy for its approved apps. If you cannot find the Apple mobile poker apps for the site that you want to play with, there is (luckily) a simple loophole that lets you play with any top iPhone online poker site! Just download an app called iTap that lets you play online Hold'em on your iPhone (remotely) while the software is actually running on your desktop/laptop! It's easy to use and it opens a lot of doors for real money mobile poker iPhone players in Canada!

How To Choose A Mobile Poker App

Regardless of your preferred hardware, choosing your poker site is not a decision to take lightly. Most of the really established brands have mobile gambling apps iPhone options, but sometimes it's tough to know who you can trust. Avoid late payouts and ridiculous bonus clearing requirements by sticking with the real money mobile poker iPhone sites that have a healthy track record for treating their Canadian players with respect. At the same time, you need to consider factors like soft player traffic, tournament variety, and customer support. If it seems like a lot to account for, don't worry! We're here to lend a helping hand.

Many iPhone mobile players also own iPads. Playing iPad poker online is also easy and fun for Canadian players. Many Internet Hold'em fans enjoy both devices, and the flexibility of being able to play wherever and whenever they want.

Best Choices For Canadian iPhone Poker Players

In an effort to help you avoid the pitfalls of playing with poker sites that you cannot trust, we searched long and hard for the top Hold'em Apple phone options. With our Canadian review staff at our side, and years of experience, we quickly whittled down the hundreds of iPhone poker options to find only the ones that really make an effort to give you the best experience possible. Real money mobile iPhone players in Canada can rest assured that these are safe casinos that get top marks across the board, in categories as diverse as loyalty programs and player traffic!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you own an iPhone but you have a hard time finding your poker site app, we’re here to help you. Playing on iOS can get tricky sometimes but it also can get you ahead of the curve by playing more and winning more. This is why we created this special FAQ section to help you become the best poker player you can be.

Can I play real money poker on the iPhone?

It’s the 21st century and anything is possible therefore you can quite comfortably play real money poker on your iPhone. Unfortunately though, you won’t have the same amount of options as on a more traditional device like the PC but you will still be able to feel the thrills of cashing in big.

What models are compatible?

Most models are compatible but be aware of the older versions. They may not be as compatible as the newer ones. The poker app developers spend a big amount of time updating their software and fixing the bugs but generally they tend to focus on the latest models and not so much on the older ones.

Where can I find the best poker for the iPhone?

There are several options. The Apple Store has a strict anti-gambling policy therefore you may not find your favourite poker site app there. However, you can find it by accessing the home page of the poker site. Most of them recognize your device and redirect you to the poker app download page. And if your poker site doesn’t have any app, you can play online poker using iTap and access your desktop/laptop remotely - where the poker software is running - on your iPhone.

How do I start playing?

It’s very simple: just download the app and you’re ready to go. Many poker site apps have the play money option so it’s probably a good idea to start playing poker for sheer fun at first just to get a feel for the touch commands and the user interface. You don’t want to start making mistakes with real money on the line.

Is it better to use a site or an app?

A site is not that compatible with your iPhone, its hardware or resolution so you’re better off avoiding this option. If your favorite poker site doesn’t have an iPhone app, then try to use iTap while running the poker software from your desktop PC or laptop.

What is the best iPhone poker app?

Most popular poker sites developed their own iPhone apps so you may find plenty of options to choose from. But since we know your time is valuable, we have chosen the best of the best for you. The most important thing is that they are just one click away!

How does it compare with other similar platforms?

The iPhone is still fairly limited compared to a Mac or Windows device so don’t overuse it. Don’t multi-table and don’t use complicated poker tracking software. Because of its lower display and resolution, you can only play a single table and also your game selection may suffer. Not all the poker games are available for an iPhone poker app.

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