New Poker Sites For Canada

New Poker Sites

Back in 2005, the Canadian online poker landscape was like a flourishing flower: small, not quite formed but amazingly beautiful. As with all living creatures, the online poker world continued to grow over the years and, despite various swings of fortune, the current online poker landscape is now like an overgrown forest. Even with this environment, you can still find new Canadian poker sites like 888 Poker that can deliver an experience that is comparable with the more established operators.

Naturally, the established players in the market will always have the edge when it comes to reliability, reputation and, often, rewards; however, that doesn't mean you can't find a good deal at new online poker sites, Canada based or otherwise.

However, if you are intent on looking for a great new Canadian online poker site then you need to do your homework and make an informed decision rather than a rash move. Although the new Canuck cardrooms listed on our site all have sterling reputations and impeccable safety records, this always the case when it comes to the latest poker rooms in Canada.

Why play at new sites?

  • Higher bonuses from new sites
  • Easier players to beat, making it easier to make a profit/li>
  • Quality loyalty rewards that can't be found at some of the older sites
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Newest Poker Sites: An Overview

One of the biggest benefits of using a new Canadian poker site is loyalty is valued above all else.

One of the biggest benefits of using a new Canadian poker site is loyalty is valued above all else. Because fledgling sites need to establish a stable base of players, they often break the bank when it comes to retain high volume players. Although this doesn't mean you need to wager thousands of dollars each week in order to bank a bonus, it's important to note that loyalty often pays dividends at a new Canuck cardroom.

OK, so when you join a new Canada online Hold'em website the rewards are better, but what does that mean in practical terms? Although offers will vary from site-to-site, the main incentives you'll find at new online poker sites in Canada are:

Welcome Bonus: Despite being readily available at any Canadian online poker site, deposit bonuses are often more lucrative at the latest Internet poker platforms in Canada. The reason for this is that new sites have to stand out in a crowded marketplace and there are few better ways to attract new players than a headline welcome bonus worth five-figures.

Reload Bonus: One area in which new Canadian online poker rooms excel compared to established sites is reload bonuses. Sites with a long history often don't need to offer more than one deposit bonus because they have their reputation to rely on. Unfortunately, emerging sites don't have this luxury which means they have to encourage players to make a second deposit by offering reload bonuses; of course, for you as a player this is great news.

Loyalty Rewards: For those that don't need to make multiple deposits, new Canuck poker sites often offer innovative VIP/ loyalty schemes. Designed to distinguish their product from the rest of the market, these schemes can be highly lucrative if you take the time to play a solid amount of poker over the course of a month.

Choosing a Canadian Poker Site

Of course money isn't everything when you ante-up at a new online poker site, Canadian or otherwise. Yes, while it might be one the main things you need to look out for, there are other factors you need to take into consideration before joining the action.

Emerging online poker sites in Canada may offer great bonuses, but that doesn't mean the conditions are always ripe for you to make money. Because of this you always need to check out the clearing requirements required to unlock every bonus. Some new Canada poker sites might try to entice players with a large welcome bonus; however, they make it difficult to clear to the bonuses which means the deal expires before you can unlock it. As a general rule, clearing requirements of 40X your bonus amount and under are acceptable conditions.

In addition to clearing requirements, you should also look out for all the necessary safety certificates and standards. Whenever you ante-up online you should check the bottom of homepage to see if there's a necessary stamp of approval from a recognised licensing authority such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

This is good practice for any online poker player; fortunately, however, we also do this and that's why you can ante-up safe in the knowledge that all of the latest Canadian poker rooms listed on our site are 100% secure. We've checked out all the necessary licensing credentials for every operator we recommend so that you don't have to (even though you still should).

New online poker sites can be a great way to make money in the online arena and if you want to join any of the latest operators, make sure you read our reviews and follow our quick links today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do new poker sites come about?

New poker sites are released on a weekly basis. New companies are constantly trying to get into the poker industry and they will hurry to put up solutions of their own to offer to players around the world.

Are they trustworthy?

Not all poker sites are trustworthy, and it's important to only play on sites that have been verified. There are agencies that look at sites and decide if they are safe to use and fair to play at. The poker sites listed here are reputable and can be relied on.

Do they have a good game selection?

These online poker sites have some of the best game selections available on the Internet. They provide a range of poker games to play, and keep an updated pool of tournaments going to keep things interesting.

Will they have enough players?

Some new sites simply don't have enough players to keep games going constantly, and that's one of the hardest parts of building up a new site. That's why it's important to look for popular poker sites that have a good player base.

Are there any benefits to using new sites?

One major benefit to using new sites is that they often have novice players that are easier to beat, and some offer excellent bonuses. It's worth looking into new sites to see how the current players are and what bonuses are offered.

Do they offer bonuses?

Some new sites offer quality bonuses, and these are the ones that you should consider playing. The top sites based on bonuses will be listed here, and they can be relied upon for major payouts if played properly.

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