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For Canadians that want to use ecoPayz for their online poker transactions, there are a few sites like 888 Poker that will accept this option. ecoPayz is a safe and reliable online transaction method accepted by many online poker sites. ecoPayz is actually a third-party payment processor, but it can be treated as a bank account.

Once you register at ecoPayz and deposit your funds into your ecoPayz account via your credit card or bank account, you can manage your account however you wish. That includes using your ecoPayz funds to play online poker. ecoPayz is accepted at many poker sites across the Internet.

Looking to pay using ecoPayz? Here is what you need to know when deciding on payment methods:

  • The sites that accept this type of payment
  • The pros and cons of using ecoPayz
  • The ease of depositing at online poker sites
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Some advantages and disadvantages of using ecoPayz

ecoPayz is a safe and reliable online transaction method accepted by many online poker sites.

ecoPayz comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go over the advantages first:

1. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to have complete control over your account.
2. Because ecoPayz is a straightforward payment processor that does not loan out any money, a credit check is not required to open an account.
3. You even don’t need a bank account to open an ecoPayz account. You just have to move some cash into your account whenever you are ready to start using it.
4. You can get one to three ecoCards (payment cards) to use as you wish.
5. ecoPayz is available in 159 countries and 45 different currencies. That means you can do business with many different people all around the world.

As great as ecoPayz is, it comes with some disadvantages, including:

1. Restricted access to people in the United States. Some people use their ecoPayz account to shop online, but others use their account to gamble. That is one of the reasons why ecoPayz is not available to citizens in the United States, where it is illegal to gamble online with real money. This is a disadvantage because if you sell or buy something from a United States citizen online, you will not be able to use ecoPayz, but rather another payment method that is accessible to them (like PayPal).

2. Even though the registration process is quick and easy, it still takes some time for you to add some funds to your ecoPayz account. You have to dig up your credit card information or bank information, connect it to your ecoPayz account, verify everything, and then finally transfer the funds to your ecoPayz account before you can start using it as a payment method at a poker site.

3. Not all poker sites accept ecoPayz. However, a good number of reputable ones already do. You can see the list of the top poker sites that accept ecoPayz above on this page.

How to get started at ecoPayz

First, venture over to to open up an account with them. There is a blue “Join today” button at the top of the page.

Click that, and then fill out the form.

You will be emailed and asked to verify your email address. Go ahead and verify it.

Now that your account is all set up, it is time to add funds to your ecoPayz account. You can do this via your credit card or bank account. Link your credit card or bank account to your ecoPayz account and then transfer the funds. (This process will take only a few minutes.)

Now your ecoPayz account is all set up and you are all ready to gamble with it!

How to transfer funds from ecoPayz to your bankroll at a poker site

First, make sure you have enough funds in your ecoPayz account.

Once you have a player account set up at a poker site, head over to the cashier section of the online casino. Find the deposits section, and then select the ecoPayz option.

You will be taken to a secure page where you can log into your ecoPayz account and confirm the amount of money you want to transfer to the poker site. Click submit, and then go back to the online casino. You will see your funds sitting there, ready to be used!

NOTE: You have to check and make sure your personal information is entered accurately while setting up an account at a poker site because you will need to verify your information with back-up documents when it is time to withdraw your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ecoPayz accept Canadian players?

Yes. Even though ecoPayz does not accept US-based players (yet), it still accepts United States Dollars and Canadian Dollars.

Can I use ecoPayz with online poker sites?

Yes. A wide range of poker sites accessible to Canadian players accept ecoPayz. It is seen as a reliable method of payment for online gambling.

Do I require a credit card?

No, a credit card is not required to open an ecoPayz account. ecoPayz actually runs independent of a bank account. While you will need to fill your account with some money first, you can just treat it as an independent bank account. Because ecoPayz is a straightforward payment processor (that does not require you to borrow money from them or owe them any money), they do not need to run a credit check before accepting a member.

Is it a safe form of payment?

Most definitely! ecoPayz is designed in such a way where you will never have to reveal your personal financial details to anyone online. Once you deposit some money into your ecoPayz account via your bank account or credit card, you get an extra layer of security. ecoPayz handles the nitty-gritty part of completing a transaction online, and that includes managing your financial details. All you have to do is to log into your ecoPayz account whenever you want to purchase something or move your funds, and ecoPayz will take care of the rest.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals?

Pretty fast. Not only will you save some time by not having to input your financial details into individual sites in order to deposit or withdraw cash, but you will also not have to verify your account until you are ready to withdraw your winnings from a poker site.

Are my winnings paid into my ecoPayz account?

Of course! All you have to do is to withdraw your winnings from the poker site and have them transferred to your ecoAccount.

Are there any fees involved?

Yes. While it is free to sign up at, you have to pay a small fee or percentage every time you manage your funds. For example, the fee for making a deposit via a credit card falls between 1.69% and 2.9%. There is even a fee for converting your currency to another one and withdrawing funds to a bank account.

However, the good news is that some of the activity between yourself or two ecoPayz users is free. It does not cost anything to transfer funds between two of your sub-accounts, transfer funds to or from another ecoPayz Merchant account, or transfer funds to another ecoAccount user (free for Gold, Platinum, and VIP users only). If you want to see a full list of all the fees involved, you can check out ecoPayz’s ecoAccount Fees and Limits page.

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