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Without fail, mobile devices like iPads continue to make our lives easier and more convenient. So, if you aren't taking advantage of iPad poker sites yet, what are you waiting for? As tablets get more and more sophisticated, it's becoming easier to get in the game without having to give up anything. Read on to learn how to play online online Texas Hold'em on Apple tablets in Canada and what it really means to go wireless!

Play real-money poker on iPad no matter where you are, on the road, at work or simply on vacation. For a top online poker site that works with the iPad, you may want to consider 888 Poker. In addition to this, we have a full list of Canadian iPad poker sites for you to choose from.

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  • Move from mobile to PC play in seconds.
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iPad Poker Is Easy And Fun

Each of these sites had to be among the best in all categories, including software quality, soft competition, easy bonus money, and much more!

Real money Texas Hold'em iPad sites aren't just becoming more possible every day - they're quickly becoming the go-to option for modern players, and why not? Apple tablets make everyday tasks simple with an intuitive interface and lightning fast internet connectivity - a winning combination for any Canadian online Hold'em player. Regardless of your cell phone carrier (Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, etc.), you can take advantage of your Apple tablet by playing in top poker sites iPad rooms without paying anything extra!

Once you finally put your Apple tablet to work for you as a mobile gambling machine, you'll get a never-before-possible level of convenience. Forget about being tied to your desk by wires! The best online Hold'em for iPad can be accessed from your dinner table, your office, or even while in a taxi! There are almost no limits - especially with the great wireless internet available to anyone that wants to play cards on iPad in Canada. If you have an active connection, and some battery life, you can play online Texas Hold'em!

Drawbacks Of iPad Gaming

For some players, the smaller screen size of an iPad is a deal breaker. For example, if you need to multi-table, or have other software (like Texas Hold'em trackers) running at all times, real money gambling iPad is out of the question. Luckily, though, it's easy to switch between mobile and PC play with top Apple tablet poker sites, so you can still take advantage of the opportunities that full-sized computers offer when you're playing from home. For most Canadian players, finding a balance between playing on your iPad and on your computer is the ideal solution.

As an alternative to iPad play, you can also find many iPhone poker sites. Online Texas Hold'em with these is also easy and fun, with the advantage of not having to carry your Apple tablet around.

Choose A Poker Site

Before you even consider starting to play real money poker iPad games, you should seriously consider how important your poker site selection is. You depend on your poker room to deal a fair game, manage your bankroll, payout your winnings, and keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. With top rated Texas Hold'em sites iPad room options, you'll have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you make a hasty decision, though, you may be in for a lot of (not so pleasant) surprises in the near future.

Find Canadian iPad Poker Sites

Since we don't expect you to go out there and examine hundreds of poker sites to find just the right one for you, we set our Canadian Texas Hold'em site reviewers to the task. The result was this listing of the best online poker sites for iPad players in Canada! To make the cut, each of these sites had to be among the best in all categories, including software quality, soft competition, easy bonus money, and much more! For high quality real money poker Apple tablet app options, you need not look any further. Sign up for free now and see how your iPad can instantly take your game to a whole new level!

Frequently Asked Questions

The days when you were stuck at your home desk playing on your desktop PC are over. No longer must you use a desktop PC or even a laptop to play poker; this is the mobile revolution and like the rest of the world, the online poker market must adjust and develop its own apps so that anyone can play poker on the go. That’s where Apple comes in as the iPad is definitely one of the most practical mobile solutions to do that. And if you need some convincing, just read our FAQ section below.

Can I play real money poker on the iPad?

Yes you can. Most poker sites have developed reliable apps for iPad and iPhone that you can access and play for real money. Of course, many have limitations. Not all games are available using the Apple apps but rest assured: you will be able to play cash games or tournament poker. And of course, you will be able to play the Cadillac of Poker, Texas Hold’Em.

What models are compatible?

This will always depend on the app and what iOS version it supports. The latest models will always be the most compatible as the poker site developers upgrade their apps several times a year in order to ensure better accessibility and an even better user experience.

Where can I find the best poker for the iPad?

Just access your favourite poker site from your iPad and usually a message will appear that will redirect you to the poker app page or the download link. Still haven’t found it yet? Then, you’re probably out of luck because that poker site doesn’t have an iPad app.

How do I start playing?

Download the app from the poker site and access it as soon as you are able. Don’t forget to test it, see what kind of limitations it has and use the play money options to have a better sense for the interface and the touch commands. You don’t want to make mistakes with real money, don’t you?

Is it better to use a site or an app?

It is far better to use the app. In fact, we wouldn’t advise you to use the site while playing on the go. The apps are specially developed for such mobile devices so you can enjoy the games without any interruption. The websites are mainly used for marketing purposes and is mostly compatible with desktop operating systems like Windows or Linux.

What is the best iPad poker app?

There are several iPad poker apps that can fit that description and we chose them for you. All you need to do is to just take a look at our best offers and click just one of them. Once you are on the poker site, it will be fairly easy to find the iPad app download link.

How does it compare with other similar platforms?

If you want to multi-table or use poker tracking software likes HUDs, then playing poker on the iPad is definitely not for you. The mobile devices are still hardware limited so don’t expect too much from them. Be aware of the size of the display also but in this regard, iPad is one of the best mobile solutions out there. It’s probably much better to play on a 9.7-inch iPad than on a 4-inch iPhone.

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