Poker Bonus Canada: How to Win More for Less

Bonus Poker Sites

What makes the best Canadian online poker sites the best? Well, in reality there are a number of reasons, but one of the most important is the number of bonuses the site offers. All Canuck poker players, regardless of their skill level, love to get something for nothing and one of the best ways to do this in the iGaming world is through a combination of welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards.

In fact, the best online poker bonuses in Canada come in variety of guises, which means players of all shapes and sizes can boost their EV while lowering their financial risk. You have tons of great sites like 888 Poker that offer first-rate welcome bonuses and a whole host of other promotions. OK, that sounds great, but what exactly are online poker bonuses?

Here you’ll find:

  • Simple bonuses that can be obtained by the average player
  • Bonuses made specifically for Canadian poker players
  • Regular updated listings of the best bonuses available to new and regular players
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Online Poker in Canada: Bonus Breakdown

A good bonus is easy to earn and offers a high amount of money compared to the original amount deposited into your account.

Canadian online poker bonuses are a great way to boost your bankroll, but they mean nothing if you don't know what you're looking for. To ensure you become a homing missile able to seek out and destroy betting bonuses on a regular basis, we've broken down the main offers you'll find in the virtual world:

One thing to note about deposit bonuses is that you won't get the money all at once. Once you unlock one of these offers, the cash will be placed into a special "bonus vault" and then released in increments (usually around $5) each time you meet certain wagering thresholds.

Non-Deposit Bonus: This reward is the most attractive in the online world because it is risk free. To claim a non-deposit bonus, you simply have to create a real money poker account using a special sign-up link. Once you're credentials have been verified, a nominal amount of money (usually around $10-$20) is then credited to your account and instantly available to bet with.

Reload Bonus: If deposit bonuses are reserved for new players, then reload bonuses are for existing members. Operating in exactly the same way as deposit rewards, reload rewards essentially match a player's new deposit (made during a promotional period or using a special code) with a bonus amount. As with deposit bonuses, reload cash is released in stages as certain point thresholds are met.

Loyalty Rewards: The final type of online poker bonus you can get once you're an established player is VIP rewards. Given to players based on the amount they play, these deals often consist of free tournament tickets, branded merchandise and luxury gifts. The main premise behind VIP rewards is that players earn points based on the amount they stake and these points can then be used to purchase bonuses.

How to Win More: The Canada Online Poker Bonus

Now you've got an idea of the bonuses on offer inside the best online poker sites in Canada, the next thing you need to know is how to make the most of them. Although deals between our recommended cardrooms will vary in both size and style, the basic route to unlocking them is largely the same and involves the three following steps:

Search: The first thing you need to do in order to get the most bang for your buck is to find the best poker bonus Canada has to offer you as a player. In Canada, poker deposit bonus offers, loyalty rewards and any other deals will reflect the current trends in the iGaming world. To keep track of the situation, make sure you home in on the homepage, your account page and any other pages outlining the best online poker bonuses in Canada.

Bet: Once you've found a welcome bonus or loyalty bonus, the next thing to do is go out there and ante-up. Unlocking free money requires you to play poker online and start raking some cash. Doing this will then trigger the bonus and inject money into your account. Therefore, once you've found an offer, the next thing you have to do is clear it.

Repeat: Because bonuses at Canadian internet cardrooms are constantly changing, the best way to make more free cash is to follow steps one and two indefinitely. The more proactive you are, the more free money you can bank on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Basically, if you find a good deal it makes sense to exploit it to the max and that's something we always do our best to help you achieve.

Bonuses for Canadian Cardroom Fans

When you receive one of the best online poker bonuses for Canadians, you will often not be able to immediately withdraw it. Instead, most Canadian online poker sites require you to go through a clearing process. If this was not the case, players could simply receive free money and would likely put cardrooms out of business.

Because of these clearing requirements, you need to exercise some patience when you shoot for poker bonuses. However, if you can stay cool, follow the steps we've outlined in this article and sign-up to our recommended online poker rooms, then life as a bonus hunter will be extremely lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do bonuses work?

The bonuses offered are split up between welcome bonuses, non-deposit bonuses and loyalty rewards. Players can get a bonus simply for setting up a real-money account at a poker site and verifying their credentials, the amount is typically quite low though. Players will receive a bonus for depositing money into a poker account on a new site, and will receive that bonus after playing enough hands. Those same players can earn additional loyalty bonuses by adding additional money to the account, or playing a large enough number of hands over time.

Which type should I choose?

It makes sense to try the non-deposit bonus to get used to a site and then to go for the welcome bonus later on. Many players look for the highest welcome bonus available to them and stick with that offer. Pick out a bonus that offers a large percentage of the initial deposit, and try to put in as much money as possible when starting. The loyalty bonus will happen over time, but it usually isn't the main reason to sign up to a site.

What makes a good bonus?

A good bonus is easy to earn, and offers a high amount of money compared to the original amount deposited into your account. The best bonus is the one that gives players the most money when first getting started, and that bonus will be different depending on how much a player has to work with initially.

How am I eligible to receive one?

New players are eligible to receive a bonus simply by depositing money into a site's account. To collect the money the player must wager a certain number of times. Get out there and start playing and over time the bonus will be applied to your account.

Are they too good to be true?

Bonuses are not too good to be true, and as long as the player relies on a modest strategy while playing at the poker tables it's completely possible to collect the bonus. Players that make use of risky tactics may lose their bankroll before ever collecting that first-time bonus.

Can I take advantage of multiple?

It's possible to take advantage of multiple bonuses by joining more than one site at a time. Some players join multiple poker sites to get bonuses from each of them. It's also possible to get additional bonuses, such as loyalty rewards later on by adding additional funds to your account, or playing for an extended period at the same site.

How long does it take to reach the account?

Unlocking your bonus could take days, weeks or months depending on how frequently you play at the tables, but receiving the bonus after it's unlocked should only take a day or two.

Can I withdraw the bonus money?

After bonus money is deposited into your account it can be treated like any other earnings in your account. That means it can be withdrawn just as you would your other winnings.

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