About Us

About Us

No other country plays poker quite like Canada does. We've seen it firsthand. We know the best bluffers are from Banff. The best rounders are from Regina. The best grinders are from Gatineau. The best Omaha players are from Ottawa.

How do we know all this? Because we're diehard Canadian poker players who have played poker all over the country. We're Canada's poker authority and we love this game more than anything else in the world. (Well, except bacon. No one can love anything more than bacon).

We've been playing live for decades, and when poker sites started popping up all over the Internet, we got excited.

But for the longest time, we were disappointed in 99% of them. Don't get us wrong. There were a lot of decent online poker sites. But from a Canadian perspective? They were garbage.

We noticed that most so-called Canadian online poker sites kept treating Canada as an afterthought. Contest and promos weren't open to Canadian players. Some sites wouldn't let you deposit with a Canadian credit card. Other sites offered toll-free support that didn't work from Canada.

We got tired of all the nonsense, so we decided to do something about it.

Every site - under the microscope

We don't want to see poker players in Canada end up playing at the wrong online poker site. That's why we review every single poker room open to Canadians and meticulously audit how they do business. Here's a look at what we review:

  • Player Pool - Imagine finding a poker website that seems great, only to log in and find that there aren't any players to play against? That happens a lot to Canadian online poker players. That's why we review every site that comes our way to make sure that there's a healthy player pool to draw from. And we make sure that there are players available to enjoy all stake levels at all hours of the day.
  • Deposits - So you found a Canadian Internet poker room that looks great. But when you go to deposit, they won't let you get your money into your account. Sound horrible? It is. We make sure that never happens. Every site that makes it through our review process accepts Canadian deposit methods.
  • Withdrawals - Most online poker websites will pay you out by bank wire or personal cheque. But at some sites, withdrawals take weeks. We hate that. So our picks for the top Canada poker Internet website pay you fast.
  • Customer Service - We've seen a lot of poker players in Canada get frustrated by online poker sites who never seem to pick up their phone. If a website doesn't have toll-free support that works from Canada, live chat, or both, we don't recommend them.
  • Game Selection - Not everyone wants to play Texas Hold'em. That's why we make sure that every poker room we give a good rating to offers multiple games, including Omaha, Hold'em, and Stud.
  • Stake Levels - We get it. Not every new online Texas Hold'em player wants to play for big money. And we also get that a lot of players do want to play like high rollers. That's why we make sure that all of our picks for Canadian poker sites offer a variety of stake levels.
  • Tournaments - We think you should get to feel like you're playing in the World Series of Poker every day. So when we rate a Canadian online poker room, we look at their tournament line-up. We're interested in sites that offer multiple tournaments every day, and we're especially impressed by those sites that offer weekly guaranteed tournaments of at least $50,000.
  • Bonuses - A lot of European facing poker sites seem to forget about Canadians in the bonus department. You'll see loads of sites offer big sign-up bonuses exclusively for players depositing in euros, but those using loonies are left out in the cold. That's why every site that we review must offer bonuses designed to work for Canadians. If they don't, they don't make our list. Period.

Compare before you play

Thinking about playing at a Canadian online poker website because a buddy said it's so great? He's probably right. He likes the site for a reason so we're not saying he's wrong. But a site that's right for one player might be the completely wrong choice for another. Remember, players have different needs, from game variety to stake levels.

Using a comparison poker online website like ours will let you find the perfect site that works for you. Don't forget, we don't just offer one online poker site suggestion. We offer several different options because we know that every player wants something different.

So use our guide, find a site you like, and enjoy your new online poker Canadian home. And before you invite your friends to join you, send them here first so they can figure out what works for them.

Get In Touch

At PokerSites.ca we love to stay in touch with our readers and to get feedback on what we offer. We would love to hear from our Canadian readers with comment, suggestions or even those encountering problems with an online poker site. You can reach us via email at contact@pokersites.ca and we'll do our best to reply to you within 24 hours.

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