Canadian Dollar Online Poker Sites

Canadian Dollar Poker Sites

The Canadian Dollar is the preferred currency of poker players living in Canada. More and more internet Hold'em sites are beginning to tap into the strong market in Canada by featuring the loonie as one of their primary currencies. Often denoted as C$, the loonie has been steadily increasing in value when compared to other world currencies and it could be one of the strongest currencies in the world in the future. Canadian online cardrooms recognize the growing strength of the loonie and want to offer new players the opportunity to use it for real money online poker play.

Online poker in C$ may be easier said than done but we at provide you with the best advice of how to use your C$ to build a poker bankroll. On our site, we review all of the top Canadian poker sites including fan favourites like 888 Poker. Check out the full list to find the poker site that is the right fit for you.

Online poker in C$ may be easier said than done but we at provide you with the best advice of how to use your C$ to build a poker bankroll.

  • C$ is a widely-accepted currency on all poker sites.
  • However, most games are in USD or EUR.
  • Be aware of the conversion tax.
  • Look for an advantageous spread for you.
  • Keep an eye on the exchange rates.
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Canadian Dollar Play - The Ins and Outs

Canadian Dollar online poker sites offer players from Canada convenience and clarity while they play real money games online.

Most online poker sites that accept the loonie allow players from Canada to use it to make deposits and withdrawals at their site but then use a currency exchange system to trade it for another type of currency that they allow you to use for poker bets on their site. The best Canadian websites allow you to make wagers using C$. Most cardrooms exchange your deposit for poker credits that you use to place wagers online or simply allow you to participate in poker play using your currency, dollar for dollar. Regardless, you should be permitted to use your loonie at gambling websites for real money play.

It is just as important to make sure that your online poker site accepts payment options that allow you to use your C$ when funding your play account. This is very important as, if your chosen online payment method does not allow you to use your Canadian Dollar, you might face a fee for the currency exchange.

Poker Using C$/CDN - Find The Best

Canadian Dollar online poker sites offer players from Canada convenience and clarity while they play real money games online. It can be difficult to keep track of different currencies and their relation to the C$ online - especially in the middle of a real money game. The sites we list remove this problem and let you focus on the game rather than currency conversions. You might think that you are betting a certain amount of money on web poker games but end up making a much larger or lower wager than you actually intended. As currency exchange rates can change from second to second, this is a frequent problem.

Canadian Dollar deposits can also earn special bonuses at Canadian friendly poker sites, especially those located within the country. Although you may be allowed to use your loonie, the websites must sometimes ultimately exchange your currency into their own. This comes with a fee that they would rather offset by passing some of the savings on to their customers. C$ promotions and special tournaments are also sometimes offered by Canadian online poker sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since all your cash payments are made in Canadian Dollar, you probably expect more of the same in the online poker business. So you must have started searching the Internet for Canadian-friendly poker sites and that’s how you accessed this page. Well, we are glad to tell you that your search is over. We at have made a very straight forward list of commonly asked questions and answers just for you.

Do the poker sites accept Canadian Dollars?

Yes, all of them do. In fact, they accept pretty much any currency no matter the popularity. It’s not that the poker sites have games played in any currency; thanks to the Internet revolution and the boom of online payments, any currency can be converted in a major one in a blink of an eye.

Are my winnings paid in the same currency?

It’s actually a pretty long process and somewhat of a vague question. So when you play a tournament for example and hit jackpot, will you be paid in C$ because you are Canadian? Actually no, you will be paid in the same currency as the one used at the poker tables. So if you buy in for USD 10, you will actually win USD 1,000 not C$ 1,000. This is what your poker cashier will show you. But when you withdraw using the bank transfer for example, your USD winnings will be converted into the currency of your bank account like C$. The same process happens if you are using ewallets. Do you have a C$ account? Good for you because the big USD win will be converted into C$ when withdrawing.

Is there a benefit to playing with C$?

There are some benefits of course. The most important one revolves around fees where you won’t have to pay the conversion tax. It will also be easier for you to keep track of your winnings because what you see is what you get. Unfortunately though, there aren’t many online games that are played in C$ so eventually you will have to pay attention to currency rates and conversion taxes.

Should I avoid playing in USD or others?

No you shouldn’t. In fact, you pretty much won’t have a choice because most big poker sites have games that are played in either USD or EUR and rarely in GBP, AUD or C$. This is the nature of the beast. The online poker market is an international one not exclusive for Canadians, this is why the most popular currencies like USD and EUR are used.

Are the bonuses in C$ or USD?

The bonuses will be in the same currency as your cashier funds. So if you have a poker bankroll in C$, the poker site will pay your bonuses in C$. If you use USD however, you will get your bonus in virtual US dollar bills.

Will my payment method accept most currencies?

Yes, you won’t have a problem in converting your C$ to USD or EUR no matter the payment method. It’s an international market and thanks to the major banks’ supercomputers and the huge FOREX market, the transactions and conversions are made almost instantly.

Are there fees involved in the exchange?

Unfortunately there are. Whenever you will try to withdraw your non-C$ funds into a C$ account, you will see some kind of a percentage ranging between 2% and 4% or even 5% called the conversion tax/rate. And there’s more as most ewallets and banks have a high bid/ask spread, higher than the traditional currency exchanges so your non-C$ fund will suffer there too.

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