Canadian Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em

When it comes to real money online poker for Canadians, there is an undeniable hierarchy of games and sitting atop of this tree of options is Texas Hold'em. For this reason, top Texas Hold’em sites like 888 Poker tend to be really popular. Known as the Cadillac of poker and an online poker variant that's enjoyed by millions of players around the world, Hold'em (as it's commonly referred to), is the embodiment of the phrase: "a minute to learn a lifetime to master."

In fact, that's one of the most alluring aspects of Texas Hold'em for many Canadian online poker players. Because the mechanics of the game are so simple to master, it means everyone, regardless of their experience, can ante-up and battle for profits in this highly entertaining game.

Lucky for you, we're here to take you through the basics:

  • How to get started in a Texas Hold'em game
  • Spotting the top Canadian poker sites that offer Hold'em
  • And why you should be on the lookout for Texas Hold'em real cash bonuses
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Texas Hold'em Poker Online: Canadian Gaming Guide

Most top-rated online casinos in Canada have Texas Hold'em available.

OK, so if that's simple we should be able to summarise the flow of a game in just a few bullet points, right? Exactly!

  • At the start of any round of Hold'em, a player is designated the dealer (this position rotates clockwise around the table every hand) and the two players to the left of the dealer a forced to put in two bets: the small blind* and the big blind.
  • After assigned the dealer and blinds, each player at the table is dealt two (hole) cards face down and the player to the immediate left of the big blind is forced to act first.
  • When no bets have been made, a player can choose to either check or bet. The only exception is at the start of a hand when the first player to enter the pot must make a bet.
  • After each player has made a move pre-flop (before any community cards have been dealt), the dealer will lay out three cards (the flop).
  • At this stage the active player closest to the small blind (or the small blind itself) must choose whether to check or bet.
  • Once this action has been completed a fourth card 9the turn) is laid out by the dealer and betting recommences. This pattern is then repeated after a fifth community card (the river) is dealt before the hand is brought to a close.
  • If at any point a single player makes an uncontested bet the hand is over and that player scoops the pot. If, however, the action gets the river and at least two players are still active they must go to a showdown and the player with the strongest hand wins any bets placed during that round.

*The blinds are determined by the buy-in present in the cash game or the stage of a tournament you're playing. The small blind is 50% smaller than the big blind.

Game Variety at Canadian Online Poker Sites

When you join one of our recommended Canadian Texas Hold'em online poker sites you'll be able to play a selection of games with a variety of buy-ins. From cash games and tournaments to single table Sit & Go games, Texas Hold'em at Canadian online poker sites is variety of styles from as little as $1 per game.

As well as giving you access to the full spectrum of Hold'em styles, the best Canadian online poker rooms also offer three main betting styles: No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit. All relatively self-explanatory, each style basically dictates the maximum bet you can make at any stage in the game. For example, in a game of Canadian No Limit Hold'em, you can bet your entire chip stack at any time. In contrast, Pot Limit and Limit Texas Hold'em restrict the amount you can gamble on a hand either by the amount of money currently in the pot or by a set limit predetermined at the start of the game (i.e. in a $1/$2 cash game it's only possible to bet in increments of $2 and raises are usually limited to four on a single street).

Breaking Down Canadian Hold'em Sites

In Canada, online poker sites offer more than money. Although the ultimate goal of every grinder is to make money, the best Canadian Texas Hold'em cardrooms online don't simply restrict themselves to cash offers.

Ring games, in fact any game, can be played for "play money" which is basically a fancy way of saying you can ante-up for free. Although these games don't offer any real world rewards, they do give you the ability to test out the games and learn the ropes without putting your finances at risk.

Beyond these games, all the best online poker sites in Canada will offer freerolls (tournaments with a cash prize but no buy-in) as well as satellites for major live events such as the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. The basic premise of satellites, for those that don't know, is that you pay a small fee (such as $10), take part in an online tournament and if you win you're given a free seat into a much larger event (i.e. costing $10,000).

For small stakes players these games are a great way to compete alongside the pros, even if your bankroll is isn't quite up to their standards.

Canadian Online Poker Bonuses

Naturally, to help supplement your bankroll and give you the best chance of making a profit, the best Hold'em poker websites in Canada offers regular promotions and bonuses to loyal Hold'em players. From welcome bonuses to VIP (loyalty) rewards, Canadian online poker sites give all active players a chance to boost their EV and win more money.

Although the size and style of an online poker bonus will vary according to the site you're playing on, the main premise of any offer is simple: if you do X then an operator will give you Y. For example, if you're in Canada, online poker sites will often give you a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit.

This means that when you read one of our reviews and follow one of our quick links, you'll be able to claim a free cash bonus when you make your first deposit. Often operating on a multiplier basis, the deals basically give you a bonus based on your deposit. So, if you make an opening deposit of $10, you'll often get another $10 for free.

To release this cash you simply have to play a certain amount of real money games and wait for it to be pushed into your account. Simple!

Why plat Texas Hold’em?

  • It is easy to learn
  • There are many new players to earn from
  • It offers the largest variety of free and paid tournaments to enter

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play Hold'em online?

Most top-rated online casinos in Canada have Texas Hold'em available. Take a look at our top-listed sites and you'll see that many cater to poker players looking for a good game of Hold'em.

Is it more popular than other variations?

It's one of the most popular poker variations played today. That's likely because it's highly televised around the country.

Can I trust the online games?

You can trust the online games at reputable casinos. These games are verified regularly and proven to be safe to use and reliable for new and experienced players.

Is there a live dealer option?

There is a live dealer option at some of the casinos, but not all of them. this is an uncommon feature in the world of Texas Hold'em and most of the dealing is done automatically via computer software. It keeps games going faster.

How long do the games last?

Cash games can last for hours on end, and some continue without stopping for days with players coming and going. Tournaments can last from less than an hour to several hours until all the players are finished.

How much can be won?

Thousands of dollars can be won while playing Texas Hold'em, but the earning potential depends on the current limit being played at. Players at the .05/.10 table shouldn't expect to earn hundreds of dollars in any given session, while it's not uncommon for thousands of dollars to pass between players at a 5/10 table.

As a beginner, should I start with Texas Hold'em?

As a beginner Texas Hold'em is a pretty forgiving game. It's simple to learn and there are plenty of other new players to go up against on any given night. It's easier to start with than a less popular variation of poker because the other players tend to be easier.

How do Hold'em tournaments work?

In a Hold'em tournament every player buys in for a specific amount and they all start with the same number of chips. As players are knocked out or a specific period of time has gone by the blinds increase. The tournament continues until every single player but one is knocked out. The players that last the longest all get money from a prize pool.

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